Sweets Stack


Ninja Star Games in partnership with Ayatsurare Ningyoukan presents

Sweets Stack

2~4 players : Ages 13 and up : 30~45 minutes

The designer of The Majority Complete Edition brings you Sweets Stack, a trick-or-treat themed game about stuffing as much candies as you can into your candy bucket. The game was released at Tokyo Game Market 2016 Fall and is available for purchase through Ninja Star Games.


Sweets Stack is a competitive puzzle game where your goal is to overfill your opponent’s candy buckets first while cleverly placing candies into your bucket to prevent it from overflowing.

Each round you will start with a new candy bucket sheet. Players will be passing around candy cards and each player must mark the shape of the candy they receive in their candy bucket sheet. If you plan well and stuff your candies efficiently you will be able to put many candies in your bucket. Each candy you successfully put in your bucket will score you points.


The game includes English rulebook. Most components are language independent. Language dependent components have both Japanese and English texts. 


Checkout the rulebook here.


Game Design: Yokouchi Muneyuki (Japanese Site)

Illustrations: Osamu Inoue (Japanese Site)

Board game geek page: Sweets Stack

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