Ninja Star Games in partnership with Burekeke Games presents

Savage Bowl Trick Taking Game

4-5 players : Ages 10 and up : 30 minutes

A first-time designer working with Ninja Star Games brings you Savage Bowl Trick Taking Game, a four to five-player trick-taking game themed around a fictitious rugby-like sport in a reptilian world. The game is published by Burekeke Games and was released at Tokyo Game Market 2023 Spring. It is available for purchase through Ninja Star Games with English rules.

What is Savage Bowl Trick Taking Game?

Savage Bowl is a trick-taking game for four to five players. Your goal is to win a certain number of tricks to score points at the end of a deal. If you win too few or too many tricks then you score nothing!

The game is split into two “halves”. During the first 5 tricks, the player who plays the strongest card gets a yellow card, which means they must discard a card from their hand and sit out the next trick. The player who plays the second strongest card takes the trick and leads the next trick. Starting from the 6th trick, the game is played like a standard trick-taking game where the player playing the strongest card takes the trick and leads the next.

In a four-player game, you play 13 tricks and your goal is to win exactly 3 tricks. In a five-player game, you play 12 tricks and your goal is to win exactly 2 tricks. If you successfully do so, then you score points equal to the current round. After playing a number of rounds equal to the player count, the game ends and the player with the highest point is the champion!


Foul play, huh? Show me what you got!

The popular sport of the reptile world, Savage Bowl, now became a trick-taking game! Famous for its roughest scrambling for the ball, what the audience is craving for is not “brilliant” goals but cunning and cut-throat foul plays!

In the first half of the game, you’ll be applauded for your stealthy foul play behind the referee’s back. But in the second half, referees almost give up their job as the audience heats up. Then it’s time for you to go wild and show off your fearless foul play! But be careful, too many of them can be easily caught by referees and you’ll get ejected from the game!


69 cards (58 x 89mm)

1 game round sheet

1 wooden round marker

5 player cubes

1 rulebook


Game Design: URiO

Illustrations: Tori Hasegawa


First Japanese edition published in Spring 2023