Wolf & Hound Box Front

Ninja Star Games presents

Wolf & Hound

2~4 players : Ages 10 and up : 10~20 minutes

Wolf & Hound is a partnership game about saving your flock of sheep from hungry wolves. Designed by Fukutarou and illustrated by MATSUDA 98, Wolf & Hound was successfully funded on Kickstarter on November 5th, 2015 with a support from 182 backers and raised over $10,000.

What is Wolf & Hound?

Wolf & Hound is a 2 versus 2 partnership card game about protecting you and your partner’s sheep from bhaaad wolves!

You are a shepherd in the French Alps where wolves are becoming a problem, chasing your sheep away from your pasture. It is up to your reliable hound to go find your lost sheep and bring them back.

Each turn you will play a Number card which controls the movement of the Wolf or the Hound. Where the Wolf or the Hound moves determines the fate of your sheep. If there is a Wolf in your pasture at the start of your turn, then the Wolf chases away one of your sheep. If there is a Hound in your pasture at the start of your turn, then the Hound brings back the lost sheep.

Move them wisely to protect you and your partner’s sheep, and chase away your opponent’s sheep!


71 cards

16 sheep standees

1 center board

4 pasture boards

4 pasture fences

1 English rulebook


Game Design: Fukutarou (Website)

Developer: Fukuroudou

Illustrations: MATSUDA98 (Website)


First English edition published on May 2016

First Japanese edition is called Tamamooool: Defend the Egg and was released in Japan in 2014.

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