Ninja Star Games in partnership with Ayatsurare Ningyokan presents

Only One Collection

2~4 players : Ages 10 and up : 30 – 60 minutes

The designer of Yokai Septet brings you Only One Collection, a set collection and push your luck game about collecting magical ingredients to craft special potions. The game is published by Ayatsurare Ningyokan and was released at Tokyo Game Market 2022 Fall. It is available for purchase in the United States through Ninja Star Games.

What is Only One Collection?

Your goal is to collect magical ingredients by drawing cards from the deck, and placing them into a column for players to choose. Each turn you have a choice either to draw and place a new ingredients card (explore action) or to take the previously explored ingredients (collect action).

Although you want to collect as many ingredients as possible, you must follow the “Only One” rule because breaking the rule will release a magical spell that will ruin the explored ingredients! You need to weigh the risk between pushing your luck and exploring for more, or staying safe and collecting what has already been explored.

Crafting valuable magical potions by collecting these “Only One” ingredients will earn you victory points. At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points will be the winner!


A long time ago, one great magician crafted and spread a magical potion called “Only One”. This potion made everything and everyone “Unique”. To follow his legacy, young magicians today continue to craft various potions that are one and only one using unique ingredients. There is on Magical Fig, a rare “only one”. There are 7 Rainbow Sugar? No, it must be “only one”. Find and collect the unique “only one” ingredients more than anyone else, and craft incredible magical potions!


78 cards (67 x 43mm)

13 potion tokens

4 score boards

4 player markers

1 start player token

4 familiar cards

1 English rulebook

1 Japanese rulebook


Game Design: Muneyuki Yokouchi

Developer: Ayatsurare Ningyokan

Illustrations: Osamu Inoue


First Japanese edition published in Fall 2022