Official Rules for The Majority Complete Edition

The Majority Rulebook


  • After forming a faction (page 18), you must discard leftover cards in your column.
  • The number of cards you draw described in 5-4 Draw Phase (page 17) is wrong. It should be the following:
Number of opponent’s formed factionsNumber of cards to draw


Yes, color disc changes the party name of the card as well. For example, let’s say you have an Angel party Secretary and a Reaper party Secretary in your score area. If you put a pink color disc on Reaper party Secretary card in your score area, you will score 2 additional points on your Angel party Secretary card. However, you do not score 2 additional points on your Reaper party Secretary card since the card effect does not change (the card effect remains as “Score 2 points for each other Reaper party Secretary card”).